In the days preceding the Revolutionary War, militia would usually muster to drill twice each year, once in the spring and the other in the fall. Following their drill, the militia would be joined by their families and celebrate with good food and drink, music and games.

On September 26, 2015, the Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute and the Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie hosted a full day of events enjoying some of the best weather in years. The militia executed its manual of arms. Then contra dancers entertained the morning crowd in the main muster field. Soon after that, the Sudbury militia was called for an assembly, the town crier announced that the town of Sudbury had formed a local militia and then introduced the newly elected officers of the Sudbury Companies. Shortly after the colonel began drilling his militia, British Regulars arrived and arrested the newly installed colonel. The militia watched as they saw their colonel put in stocks and later taken away. They then pursued the Redcoats and exchanged musket fire along the service road. When the musket fire ended, the Redcoats surrendered, much to the pleasure of the people in Sudbury. Fifes and drums could be heard in the distance as they assembled for their parade from the Grist Mill to the muster field. After the parade, each fife and drum company returned to play a stand piece to the delight of the crowd. Throughout the day, militia and regiments could be seen at their encampments. There also were a blacksmith, tinsmith, potters, bakers and ladies working a kitchen. Vendors and sutlers set up shop, selling their wares. Children could be seen testing their skills at games.

Join us on September 24, 2016 for our next Colonial Faire and Muster of Fyfe and Drums.
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