Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute

Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute

Your Humble & Obedient Servants
Dan Meenan, Colonel
Jack McCarter, Lt. Colonel
Peter Hoover, Adjutant
Brian Mixter, Quartermaster
Larry Leonard, Safety Officer
Carl Hutchinson and Ron Lamphere, Faire Chairmen

Muster Notice
September 2013

Greetings, friends:

Please join us on Monday evening, September 4 at 8:00 pm, upstairs in the Ballroom at the Wayside Inn, for the first muster of the Sudbury Minutemen’s 2013-14 season. The annual election for the office of Quartermaster/Captain will be conducted, plans for the Colonial Faire will be discussed, and several awards will be presented. This is a perfect time for aspiring members to introduce themselves, and for inactive members to get back with the program, so don’t miss it.

Election for QM

So far, one candidate has made known his intention to run for the rank of Quartermaster/Captain: a certain Pvt. Christopher Woolf, late of the King’s Own Fourth Regiment of Foot, and recently-confirmed citizen of these here United States. Chris has been quite active in the activities of the Sudbury Companies this past year, albeit undercover, and has received several nominations from members formerly held in good standing.

Pvt. Woolf will not be able to join us at the September Muster, as he will be in the mother country celebrating his mum’s birthday; however, the bylaws are silent on the necessity of a candidate’s being present at his own election.

Please consider carefully whom you wish to be Colonel three years hence. We will, of course, accept challenges from the floor.

Colonial Faire, Saturday Sept. 28

Our Faire Co-chairmen Carl Hutchinson and Ron Lamphere have been working diligently over the Spring and Summer months to ensure that our largest fund-raising activity will be a great success. Please show your appreciation by attending the next Faire Committee meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday, immediately before the Muster, in the Old Bar Room.

Please also sign up as a Booth Lead, or for several shifts on Faire Day. The best jobs are the first to get claimed, so sign up early! A sign-up sheet will be passed around during the Muster.

The Faire provides a majority of our annual income; it pays for our insurance, police escorts on April 19, muster speakers, and the Rogues at the Holiday Muster. We need everyone’s help to insure that we can maintain these activities!

Wayside Inn Changes

It was announced this week that, after being closed on Mondays since May, the Inn will now be open again on Mondays, beginning with Labor Day. Because of this, your officers have unanimously decided to go back to our decades-long schedule of Monday Musters. (You’ll note in the Calendar of Upcoming Events below that Lt. Col. Jack has already made this adjustment for what will be his first muster as Colonel on Monday, October 7. Next week’s muster, however, will occur on Monday, September 4, as scheduled.)

Also news is that Steve Pickford, long-time Food & Beverage Manager at the Inn, has been promoted to Innkeeper! Steve has been very helpful to our Food Tent concession over the years, and has an excellent working relationship with the Minutemen. If you see Steve around the Inn, please extend to him your warm congratulations and best wishes.

Door Duty Coordinator

After many years of faithful service, Kevin and Barbara Gatlin have decided to step down as Door Duty Coordinators. We extend to them our deepest thanks, and wish them a very pleasant ‘retirement’.

This vacancy presents an opportunity for a member who wishes to enhance the Colonial experience for hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of visitors and guests of the old Inn. Kevin assures us that it’s easy and rewarding work, and offers his time and expertise to train the next coordinator. If you feel called to serve in this important way, please get in touch with the Colonel, or Kevin himself.

A Few Reminders:

Don’t forget the upcoming drill at Willard House and Clock Museum in N. Grafton (Mass.) on Sunday September 15 at 1:00 pm. Their annual Harvest Festival always draws an appreciative audience, and they LOVE to hear the muskets fire. We can expect musical accompaniment from the Ancients as well. As with all drills, wear kit and bring cartridges; this will count toward firing off the North Bridge next April.

Also, please remember the North Shore Veteran’s Appreciation Day Parade in Lynn on Sunday, September 22. Our Parade Committee Chairman Warren Kaye was able to secure us a position in what promises to be an exciting parade, and a welcome boost to our treasury. Let’s have a good showing for this first, and what we hope will be an ongoing, invitation to this event.

And finally, Col. John Neuhauser (ret.) would like to remind everyone that the Fifth Annual Battle of the Red Horse Tavern will take place on Saturday, October 26 at (where else?) the Wayside Inn. He needs plenty of volunteers to help him pull off this extravaganza, which has become THE crowning event of the reenacting season in these parts. A sign-up sheet can be found at the end of this notice (if Mr. Cleverfingers can figure out how to post it). In any event, John will pass it around at the Muster.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend, I remain

D. Meenan, Colonel

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Wed. 9/4, 7 pm Faire Committee Meeting Old Bar Room
Wed. 9/4, 8 pm Muster (Election, Faire plans) Ballroom
Fri.-Sun., 9/13-15 Yankee Doodle Homecoming Billerica, Mass.
Sun. 9/15, 1 pm Willard Clock Museum Drill Grafton, Mass.
Sat. 9/21, 9 am Faire Pole Day Muster Field
Sun. 9/22, 1 pm Lynn Veterans Parade Lynn, Mass.
Fri. 9/27, noon Faire Set-up Muster Field
Sat. 9/28, 8am Colonial Faire! Muster Field
Sun. 9/29, 9 am Faire Take-Down Muster Field
Mon. 10/7, 8 pm October Muster Ballroom
Sun. 10/13, 2 pm Weiskopf Wedding Martha Mary Chapel
Sat. 10/26, 11:45 am Battle of the Red Horse Tavern Inn grounds

2013 Wayside Inn Door Duty List

Date Name Phone

9-1-13 OPEN

9-8-13 OPEN

9-15-13 Jim & Marcia Smith

9-22-13 Kim & Chris Woolf

9-29-13 Colonel Jack McCarter

10-6-13 Jim & Marcia Smith

10-13-13 Hal & Betsey Cutler

10-20-13 OPEN

10-27-13 OPEN

11-03-13 Ron Lamphere

11-10-13 OPEN

11-17-13 OPEN

11-24-13 OPEN

12-01-13 OPEN

12-08-13 OPEN

12-15-13 OPEN

12-22-13 OPEN

12-29-13 OPEN



Kevin & Barbara Gatlin

Wayside Inn Front Desk: 978-443-1776

Please call the Inn if you expect to be late arriving.
Reminder: The Innkeeper graciously provides a free meal to Militia volunteers who complete a day of Door Duty. You are expected to leave your server a tip that is equal to the amount that you would have left had you paid full price for your meal.
The Inn is prohibited by law from providing free alcoholic beverages. You are responsible for the cost of any alcoholic beverages you might consume.

Thank you.